Construction Contracts Act (2002)

One of the fundamental purposes of the CCA is to reduce the use of ‘disputes’ to hold up payments. The CCA does this by implementing a Payment Claim/Payment Schedule process for communicating what is owing on a job and what the other party are intending on paying (and what, if anything, they are disputing).
At agreed periods, a Contractor will issue their Customer with a Payment Claim form.
This is a type of invoice that identifies the Work that has been carried out and how much is being claimed.
Once the Customer has received a Payment Claim they can either pay the claim in full or, if they believe there is a reason
all or some of the claim shouldn’t be paid, they can respond with a Payment Schedule.
The Payment Schedule is required to identify the Payment Claim it relates to and is required to list what is being disputed and what is being paid (if anything). The Customer is also required to show how they calculated the amount they are withholding. Any amount being paid or any Payment Schedule MUST be provided to the Contractor within the timeframe stated in their Contract and/or Payment Claim.

One of the functions of NZMTA is to ensure members are made aware and understand new regulations that impact on them.

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

The Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) was established in 2002 as a single online register for all the security interests (claims against personal property other than land) that lenders or businesses need to record.

It is recommended that you check the PPSR:

            • Before purchasing second hand vehicles or equipment for your business to ensure that there are no third party claims; or
            • When taking on a new client as a means of credit checking; or
            • To check on security being offered as collateral; or
            • To check what securities are being held against your personal belongings.
Using the PPSR Register

Whether you are wanting to register a security or simply search the PPSR register you need to firstly create a user account.

Find out how to create a PPSR account by clicking on this link:


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